Back in WWII, there was a group of Allied soldiers whose mission was to sneak behind enemy lines and wreak havoc. Eventually dubbed “The Devil’s Brigade” because of their daring night raids, they were in and out before the enemy knew what hit them.

Business can be a lot like that. It’s not always the biggest and most powerful who win. Those who can move fast will always have a certain advantage.

Nick Lowe knew this when he opened Marketing Directions. He’d worked for some big agencies and he’d seen the chinks in their armor. Things that slipped through the cracks. Things a small, rapid-response agency was better equipped to handle. So he formed his own “devil’s brigade” in 1980.

Since then, we’ve stayed committed to our mission: providing superior service, establishing long-term bonds of trust with clients, and delivering a solid bang for their marketing bucks.

All while mapping out a clear-cut plan for their brands.

When our clients call, they know we’ll be here.

And they know we’ll do what it takes to get the job done.