“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Your Brand lives at multiple touch points. Training is important not only for your employees, but also your customers. Effective training works with your Brand’s voice and tells a continued story. Our in-house education professionals can help develop relevant training for your Brand that creates measurable results.

The eLearning and Instructional Design

specialists at Marketing Directions have solutions for all of your eLearning and training needs. From idea to execution, we create useable, interactive training that is customizable to your goals and flexible in delivery. We will work with your SME’s, consult external SME’s and even offer our own expertise† to ensure your learning is on the leading edge of accuracy. Courses can be built, tested and packaged up for your LMS or we can host them for you and help you manage your eLearning environment.

†Automotive technologies

Digital Learning is essential tool for providing learners with an engaging learning experience.

Results of effective eLearning include:

  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Greatly reduced training time compared
    to in-person training
  • Reduced cost compared to traditional
    training methods, Increased productivity as a result of flexible delivery methods
  • Content can be reviewed at a later time

Check Out Examples of our Training Courses

Still pictures and light video:

Features interactive buttons, pop-ups and animated call-outs

Still pictures and light video

Video based course:

One of many ways to deliver video-based training

Still images and animated call-outs:

Even basic still images and call-outs can come to life to engage learners


Drag and drop game to reinforce location of components

Our Instructional Design services include:

  • eLearning strategy and development
  • New content development – Idea to execution
  • Content conversion, updating and media integration of existing materials and workshops
  • Blended learning content creation
  • New-hire training, certification/compliance training, lifetime learning, tutorials, internal/external training, sales training, product training and technical training
  • Microlearning
  • Gamification
  • Video-based learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Scripting, proofing and narration recording
  • Photography, video and animation
  • Templates/layouts, branding and integration
  • LMS management and hosting

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Chances are we’ve done it! Together, we can create eLearning that fits your education and training needs. Contact us today to get started.

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