At Marketing Directions, Inc. we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes find their way in the marketplace for over 40 years and now that our home is in the heart of South Town Medina, we have developed a small business partner program to help all our neighboring businesses thrive.

Our small business partner program is a comprehensive portfolio of specific marketing and I.T. services selected by our staff to help small businesses achieve their goals right away. And while our staff has over 200 years of combined experience in marketing and I.T. we understand that nobody knows your small business the way you do.

Take 1 minute to fill out the form below and we will schedule a 29 minute small business exploratory meeting that can lead your business in the right direction.

PLUS, you will receive a gift card from 1904 Keller Kafé right here in historic South Square Medina!

A total of 30 minutes invested in your business to learn about our affordable small business marketing and I.T. packages. All with a great cup of coffee and no obligation.

Our small business partner programs (Bronze, Silver or Gold) include:

  1. Continued 1 hour discovery and planning meeting that ensures we will meet your goals.
  2. Action items and deadlines with check points.
  3. Professional execution and follow-up.

Let’s learn what’s best for you!

Payment Options

Small Business Package Sign-ups

Small Business Package Sign-ups

Sign-up today and we’ll buy you a cup of coffee and discuss how we can help build your small business!

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Our COMPASS process will get your brand moving in the right direction.

We are here to help. Call 330-952-2140 today and we will use our situation assessment process (COMPASS) to get your business going places!